Blue Islands’ tour contracts lined up for 2020

Bernie Baldwin

Guernsey-based Blue Islands is gearing up to transport summer visitors to the Channel Islands.

Blue Islands has secured deals with a number of leading tour operators to provide charter services to the Channel Islands from Zurich, Rotterdam, Groningen and cities across Germany. Among the tour operators are Rolf Meier Reisen, Sunair and Globalis.

Following the deals, Blue Islands will fly Rolf Meier Reisen customers from Zurich to Guernsey and Jersey and Sunair’s passengers from Rotterdam and Groningen.

With two weeks added for the summer 2020 programme, visitors from Zurich will be arriving every Saturday for the 20-week period from 2 May to 12 September, while visitors from Rotterdam will be arriving on Sundays between 26 April and 6 September, again a 20-week travel period.

This 2019 summer season saw the inaugural nine-week Groningen charter service to Guernsey. An extra eight weeks are being added to the summer 2020 season with flights every Sunday for a 17-week period between 26 April and 16 August.

“Partnering with specialist tour operators focused on niche markets such as Guernsey and Jersey is essential to the prosperity of our islands,” noted Rob Veron, CEO of Blue Islands. “As a local airline, Blue Islands is committed to the continued reinvigoration of our visitor economies and we once again look forward to welcoming guests on week-long stays to truly discover the delights of our beautiful islands.”

These two deals add to the recently announced partnership with Globalis, for which Blue Islands will fly visitors from Germany to Guernsey and Jersey for 2020 between 18 April and 21 June. The programme which sees inbound  flights on Saturdays and Sundays from different German airports is designed to welcome visitors to the Channel Islands in the shoulder months.

The initial 10-week phase is followed by a second seven-week period between 12 September and 25 October.

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