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Book your flights to Morocco, both direct or connecting, using Airiane’s booking engine. The date picker helps you easily spot scheduled direct flights with days of operation in blue. Airiane is pleased to offer an exclusive 20% discount voucher on any tickets getting you to the event. Get your voucher on your Delegate Account!

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Airiane’s Dynamic Flight Schedules allows you to search for direct flights to Tangier or Casablanca. The booking engine is also available if you browse the full timetable hereunder, with route promotion by airline. Both services are fully customisable web components provided by Airiane, our event partner.

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Airiane is a unique full-online solution to promote and distribute airlines’ network and airport services. Solutions are hosted onto Airiane’s partner websites, and Aéroport Voyages the marketplace dedicated to air transportation promotion and distribution. Airiane, that has partnered with more than 25 airports over the past year, is now presenting its exclusive offer to airlines and airport managers concerned by mastering the cost of acquisition and distribution while developing customer knowledge and return on investment.

Flying to Tangier

With 20+ destinations with one or less connections, Tangier Ibn Battouta airport is the simplest way to the CONNECT forum this February. Fly from Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Istanbul, Dubai, New York, Miami, Toronto, etc. to land in Tangier, where CONNECT 2023 will take place.

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Flying to Casablanca

The Casablanca Mohammed V airport is a good option for delegates who cannot land in Tangier, with a brand-new high-speed train connecting the airport to Tangier’s city centre. The pleasant ride will take you to the heart of the city, within walking distance of most selected hotels. You can book train tickets here.


Transfers will be available for all delegates landing at Tangier Ibn Battouta airport to their hotels or the Venue. During the event, transfers will be available to the Venue and to the evening functions.

Local Transports

Taxis are numerous in the streets of Tangier, and you’ll have no trouble finding one. Buses are also available, and you can find information on the city’s buses just here.

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30 May - 1 June 2023

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

22-24 Feb 2023
Tangier, Morocco