Keeping the smile on passengers’ faces

Bernie Baldwin

Any company likes to know that they are doing well and airports are no exception. Getting instant feedback is important particularly if those you are serving feel you are doing a good job.

The results of the ‘smiley’ and ‘sad’ buttons being pushed, however, pose questions for the airport, according to Arvi Väänänen regional sales director of Happy Or Not. “Where there are poor responses, airports need to know why,” he explains. “Often, one of the main reasons is the availability of staff to assist.” That is a challenge for many airports, particularly in the current climate.

“Happy Or Not therefore helps airports to learn where they need to concentrate their efforts. So, although measuring satisfaction helps, we can take that information to help the airport to identify where they need to deploy staff for the best results,” Väänänen remarks.

The Tampere-based company was established just over 11 years ago and has a presence at approximately 200 airports in more than 130 countries. It also provides its services across retail businesses.

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