Route Stimulation Tool

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Launching a new route will stimulate local traffic at your airport, with a one-off increase beyond normal market growth. IATA provides a market stimulation curve, comparing passenger traffic before and after a new route is launched. But it has 2 issues: it is neither specific to your airport or region, nor does the stimulation coefficient by itself will meet airline’s expectations. CONNECT and Predictive Mobility have partnered to provide a specific and accurate solution! For the distance we provide a series of indicators: the average load factor, average passenger per flights, and average yield. This is the most complete tool available to help you quick start your analysis and present your airport’s performance for the current period.

Tool provided by:

Predictive Mobility

How does it work?

Enter your airport code, press start, and move the slider at the appropriate distance for the route you are targeting to see automatically the numbers computed and displayed!

Route Stimulation Tool

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