PDC debuts with new ground costs solution

Bernie Baldwin

The leading provider of planning and scheduling solutions made a splash at CONNECT 2020.

Although a debutant at CONNECT, Denmark-based PDC brought more than 30 years of specialist aviation experience into the exhibition.

The company’s PDC Airline Suite – an integrated IT solution covering commercial planning, operations control, crew management as well as contract and invoice management – has just been enhanced by a new module, PDC GroundCost.

“This element reviews and gives an overarching picture of all ground handling contracts and invoices as well as aiding cost control,” explains the company’s sales director, Lars Hvid Malmquist. “We’re the first mover in the field, it was all done manually before.”

PDC business development engineer Isabella Nagel reports that development work on the enhanced Airlin Suite was carried out in close partnership with the Greek flag-carrier Aegean Airlines. “The module was officially launched to the market in the fourth quarter of 2019, but Aegean has been using it since around May last year,” she confirms.

PDC GroundCost provides all the capabilities for budget forecasting and monitoring. “It also does RFP comparisons for proposals from suppliers, as well as checking for any discrepancies in invoices,” Malmquist adds.

The company’s other main product is the PDC Airport Suite, which was built around the PDC Score module for slot coordination and reporting for airport capacity management. The Airport Suite’s core nowadays is the PDC AODB (Airport Operational Data Base) which enables full resource planning.

“We are delighted to have more than 350 airports around the world using Score for their slot coordination, activities” Nagel remarks. “That includes 75% of all coordinated airports.”

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