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Amelie Cado

CONNECT 2024 Route Development Forum will welcome its delegates from 7th to 9th February in Turin, the first capital of Italy.

Turin, the beating heart of the Piemonte Region, is a baroque jewel with a touch of originality of modern and contemporary architecture, acclaimed for its art, culture and taste.

Located in the northwest, surrounded by the Alps and crossed by the mighty Po River, this fourth city in Italy is multifaced with palaces and museums, parks and boulevards, river and mountains, historic restaurants, cafes, and shop windows such as the Porta Palazzo, Europe’s largest open-air market, and the sublime Royal Residence of Piemonte.

Known as a UNESCO Creative City for Design since 2014 with a lot of international festivals and the famous Juventus Museum celebrating Italy’s most successful football team, the city is also the birthplace of Vermouth and Gianduiotto.

Turin is where Piemonte’s flavours and traditions take place. The city has been called the ‘Paris of Italy’, so expect big things!


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3-5 Feb 2025
Girona, Spain