How to Maximise Your Aviation Meetings at CONNECT

Lucie Barthe

We firmly believe that our route development forum should provide the very best opportunities available for networking with key contacts across the aviation industry. One of the key features that help us achieve this goal is one-to-one meetings. This provides a clear and organised system where delegates can meet one another, grow relationships and discuss new partnership opportunities.

To prepare yourself for CONNECT 2021 in Tangier, Morocco, we have rounded up some of the best ways of how you can maximise your aviation meetings and airline networking at CONNECT.

Completing Your Delegate Account Profile

We are delighted to be able to offer all delegates a dedicated account through an online platform. The delegate system has been designed to provide you with the control you require to tailor and manage the event experience to your own liking. When you have begun the setup of your delegate account, we recommend finalising your profile with as much detail as possible. By uploading a profile picture and fleshing out your company bio, other delegates will be more well-informed about you and your business. The delegate system is your one-stop place for managing your experience and seeing who else is scheduled to attend.

Organising Meetings in Advance

At the event itself you can always work with our dedicated meetings team to arrange a one-to-one meeting. However, to maximise your time at CONNECT, we highly recommend booking meetings in advance. By taking the steps to book in advance, you can fill up your calendar and have a clear idea of your itinerary during the event. The delegate system has been designed to streamline the process of arranging and managing meetings between delegates. You can request, book and confirm unlimited one-to-one meetings. All meetings are scheduled to last 20 minutes. There will be a 10-minute changeover in place before the next meeting begins.

Creating Branded Promotional Giveaways

During our many years running CONNECT, we’ve seen delegates providing attendees with a range of creative promotional giveaways. For example, at the recent CONNECT 2020 forum in Antalya, an airline was handing out branded model planes. Freebie items are always a favourite feature of event attendees and will leave a lasting impression. It not only presents attendees with a great souvenir to keep but when the item is branded, attendees are sure to remember the business long after the event. This is a promotional tactic that will keep your brand at the front-of-mind of delegates.

Booking a Dedicated Lounge or Promotional Stand

Our dedicated meetings space is not the only place where delegates can meet one another. For maximum exposure, you can also book your own dedicate lounge area or a promotional stand. Our lounge areas provide dedicated spaces where airlines, airports and suppliers can meet to build relationships, discuss new routes and form additional partnerships. As for a networking stand, this provides you with more privacy, comfort and flexibility in holding your own scheduled meetings. Promotional stands also offer you the opportunity to create a space that is designed to highlight your business and captures the attention of delegates towards the brand.

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