Bremen braces for traffic rebound

Bernie Baldwin

The fundamentals are in place for a return to growth as soon as Covid-restrictions ease.

Last year, Bremen Airport in northern Germany celebrated its centenary, having been officially inaugurated on 18th July 1920. As they prepared for such an important year, little could members of the airport’s team have realised that it would turn into a hugely important year for very different reasons.

The arrival of the Covid pandemic in early 2020 meant a lengthy period of endurance, with the airport having to look for financial help through it all in order to weather the storm. “To make it through these difficult times – for all airports – Bremen Airport received support from its owner, the City of Bremen,” the airport team confirms.

Many airports have been using support such as this to finance alterations to create a safer environment for passenger processing and for assisting with route rebuilding. Bremen Airport, however, had stepped in and redesigned its passenger processes to be Covid-compliant right at the beginning of the worldwide pandemic. This enabled safe travel from an early stage. “Moreover,” says the airport company, “there is a Covid test centre at the airport, which is open to passengers and the public.”

Operating from Bremen to the almost 30 non-stop destinations in countries across Europe and North Africa is a mix of full-service carriers, low-fare airlines and charter operators. Each one of these business models has a role to play in reviving the airport’s traffic figures.

According to the airport team, the winter 2020/21 season at Bremen was predominantly served by hub carriers, while for spring and summer 2021, “a dynamic revival of low-fare airlines and leisure carriers is expected. High demand in the leisure and VFR segment will help airlines to recover, should travel restrictions be eased or even be removed in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea”.

That might be a year late for the centenary of Bremen Airport, but returning to pre-Covid figures will still be something to celebrate.

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