Berlin Airport offers booked slots to clear security control

Bernie Baldwin

The service enhancement is designed to make it easier for passenger to plan their airport experience.

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) has introduced a new initiative enabling passengers to book a slot which will help to minimise the time it takes them to go through the airport’s security controls. The BER Runway service is now being offered free to all passengers.

Technical support for the project, including software solutions, is being provided by the airport company’s partners Copenhagen Optimization and CLEAR.

According to Thomas Hoff Andersson, chief operations officer at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg, passengers can now “plan the duration of their stay at the airport more accurately and ensure their journey is less stressful. BER Runway is an important step towards increased process digitisation at our airport. This will enable us to further optimise all processes in the interests of our passengers going forward”.

BER Runway bookings can be made via the BER website or app from 72 hours to one hour before departure for Schengen flights or from 72 hours to one and a half hours before departure for non-Schengen flights. Slots have a time window of 60-360 minutes before departure. A time slot can be selected at a fixed time every quarter of an hour and BER Runway can be used from 10 minutes before or up to 10 minutes after the selected time. The passenger’s reservation and boarding pass will be checked prior to access.

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