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Expand Your Network

Airline Networking

When borders are closed, and travel has been banned, it is important to prepare a recovery strategy. At CONNECT, we provide the perfect backdrop for resurgence, bringing together airlines from across the world for three days of business meetings.

CONNECT is the perfect opportunity to maximise your networking opportunities and prepare for a strong post-pandemic recovery. For three days, you can meet experts that will help you generate new businesses. Discuss with airports and airlines from more than 60 countries, from hub to regional, and boost your brand awareness with a range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.

Start the journey towards growing your airlines through airline networking and route development

Meet New Airports

The post-pandemic challenges are numerous, this is why we are dedicated to providing a networking event that makes it easy for airlines to meet with airports, industry suppliers and consultants. We provide delegates with all they need so that their main focus remains on making the most of their networking efforts. From hub to regional, a wide-range of airports attend our networking forum due to the comfort of the setting and the highly productive meetings.

Rebuild & Expand Your Network

CONNECT is a leading aviation networking forum for helping airlines rebuild & expand their network. Following the success of our most recent forum, 90% of attendees confirmed that the event helped them generate new partnerships with businesses. Delegates can meet with existing partners or reach new ones from 60+ countries, all in one place. Attendees can enjoy as many meetings as they wish in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

Boost Your Brand

CONNECT is best experienced when you go above and beyond in making your message loud and clear. We have a complete range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available online and on-site to help you reach the aviation community at the event and elsewhere. For maximum exposure and improved comfort, you can secure your own promotional stand or dedicated lounge area.

Airlines Who Have Attended CONNECT

We are privileged to attract airlines from across the world. Big or small, we are delighted to welcome all airlines to CONNECT - we want to meet you!

More Information

Want to know more about the world class airline networking opportunities that we offer? Check out the following answers for further information.

How do the meetings work?

We know how important it is to maximise your time which is why we've made the process of organising meetings to be as quick and simple as possible. Meetings can be booked in advance via our online delegate system which shows who is attending and provides a useful platform for communication. By booking in advance, you can secure your networking opportunities beforehand and can plan out an effective itinerary.

Meetings can also be booked on-site through your delegate login or at the Welcome & Meet Desk. Each meeting will last 20 minutes with a timer system in place marking the beginning and end. There is a 10-minute changeover in place before the next meeting begins.

Why is airline networking important?

The aviation industry is a sector that thrives on partnerships with other businesses across the world. These partnerships can lead to vital business growth such as route expansions. Airline networking is essential for allowing these businesses to come together and discuss potential opportunities. CONNECT allows airlines, airports and other aviation business to network at a single venue.

How can I maximise my experience?

To maximise your networking experience at CONNECT, we would first recommend that you fully complete your delegate account profile. This allows other delegates to find you and better understand your business and role at the company. The delegate system can then be used to plan your time at the event by managing your meetings and excursions.

Brand awareness is a critical aspect of our airline networking forum. We have seen businesses give away promotional items such as branded model planes. You can book a promotional stand to create a space at the event that captures the attention of attendees. You can also secure a dedicated lounge area to carry out your networking efforts in a more private, comfortable and flexible space.